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Foreign Coast

We are a dedicated, 4-piece metalcore band from Southern Norway that formed in early 2015. We formed out of several local bands, shifting through different styles and genres. From the early rock influenced styles to pursuing hardcore, post-hardcore and eventually progressive-metalcore. We wanted this band to go big, but as the Norwegian metal scene was close to zero, we couldn’t stay here. With all the opportunities at hand we therefore decided to move away from Norway and dedicate all our time and effort to pursuit our band's career.

It all started in June 2015 after releasing our first single ‘Realizations’, which really blew our expectations. We found the confidence in our abilities to share the love we have for metal. Together with our producer/engineer in Hungary we now had written an EP of five songs, and started the journey to drive all the way down to Budapest in our band van to track it. Things were going slow and we didn´t feel satisfied with the results after writing and recording for 3 weeks, and had to make the decision to leave Budapest and start over from scratch. We therefore continued the journey to the UK where we started the writing. We had all heard about the metal scene in the UK and were hoping this could be a better fit for our band.

After we arrived the UK, everything started to go really well with our new content. We found ourselves a flat in Birmingham and where sitting hour after hour a day to write our new material. After writing a lot of the material we got in touch with Keaton Goldwire, from Invent, Animate and Jesse Cash from Erra and had them as producers to help us finally achieve the sound we set our minds to achieve.

We put a lot of time and money into the EP and knew exactly what we where looking for. We talked to Brian Hood and had him do the mix and mastering, which went over all expectations. After finishing everything up in April the next chapter was sending out mails to labels, managements and booking agencies with no luck. Our best move at this point had to be a self-release and ended up setting a date in the middle of June.

We are now back in Norway, and want nothing more than playing shows, record more songs, and do whatever it takes to bring our band to the next level. If the situation allows, we will also sacrifice to travel abroad away from friends, lovers and family in order to play our music.

For us this music goes deeper than merely the joy of playing aggressive music. There’s also another dimension to music. It’s the ability to resonate with completely different people and speak life into their situation. Hopefully leave this world a better place. We´re dealing with key values and beliefs, which we truly believe, is important to everyone regardless of background. It´s essentially about dealing with self-acceptance, to have a higher purpose, dare to dream and to constantly being driven by hope

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